Finding a travel package

     Well I spent several days researching all the package options available and found most of them to be sorely lacking. Very few including the more popular websites had any packages at all. One of the places that I checked was Tours of Scotland. They were not terrible, however they were not impressive either. They offer 3 types of holidays budget, deluxe and first class. Once you select your option for travel dates, length of time, and choice of budget, deluxe or first class you will be directed to another screen that offers several packages.

     None of the packages tell you what motel or hotel you are staying in, instead they leave you with the impression that they will be chosen based upon the type of package you have chosen. You visit the same areas whether you purchase the budget or first class. Even what is included in the package is vague, for example they state that continental “or” buffet breakfast is included. Lets face it, there is a big difference between a doughnut, or box of cereal, and a buffet filled with eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, fruits, grits, and pancakes. Image

Overall I was very disappointed in this travel site, I expected more out of a site that is top in search rankings and appears in multiple ads on other sites.

     The second package option that I looked into was called Holiday Scotland. I included a link because I am more impressed with their site, as well as the fact that they offer custom holidays that include everything from self guided, and partially or wholly guided. They not only offer much more information, complete with pictures, but they also won the 2012 Best Small Tour Operator award. 


     They offer wildlife spotting holidays, Scottish Island holidays, and the traditional tourist sites that the other more mundane sites offer such as generic highlands, Glasgow, and Iverness. Another couple of interesting offerings they make is touring scottland by train and the Scottish Seafood Trail holiday.


This is the only website that I have found that has actual packages that are not found on other sites. Packages that are inclusive, exciting, and cater to specific likes. Other sites may allow you to self-cater and if you have lots of time, and internet savy, you might be able to discover a logical and cost effective way to take in some or all of these sites, however from my own experience this site will save you time.


Finally they offer the chance to sleep in a castle, a light house or even a private island.



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