The clans assembly prior to the parade of clan...

The clans assembly prior to the parade of clans at the opening ceremonies of the 2005 Tacoma Highland Games. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you imagine spending 1 or more nights in this lovely place? For many years I have yearned to visit Scotland, to view the Highland Games in August, and to experience the atmosphere that is uniquely theirs.  Spending the night in a castle would make anyone feel like a prince or princess.

The Highland Games are held every year in the summer. There are many locations to choose from where 1 can attend them, as they are held in castle court yards, small towns and villages across the land. A chance to see and feel the culture, and  unique games.

There are many ways to visit Scotland. One can choose to stay in the most elaborate castles, or a self catering cottage. There are self tours and guided tours. Myself I like the idea of a self tour. This gives more freedom to change the itinerary to suit me. If I visit an area and decide I want to spend more time exploring I can. If I want to stop and visit an area that I am passing through I can. I like the idea of visiting both popular and little known areas of interest on my trips. Others may decide that they want more of an established routine, one where they are guided to the best or most popular places, with guides who are knowledgeable.

One must also do their homework before making a decision on location/locations, self or guided tour, as well as how much they want to spend on their trip. One way to do some homework is to go to the official Scotland tour site at another way is to use travel sites to check flights, hotels, and package prices. When I planned my trip, there were very few packages offered by any major travel company, and those that I did find were not inexpensive. I recommend using the official Scotland tour site, spending the time to look at the areas of interest, narrowing them down to a reasonable number that will fit into the time line you will be in Scotland, and finally going through the extensive list of castles, motels, hotels, and self catering cottages that are offered on the site. You will spend time and effort, but your trip will be much more enjoyable, and you will most likely save money.

English: Peel Regional Police Pipe Band at the...

English: Peel Regional Police Pipe Band at the 2010 Glengarry Highland Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)